Cuba, land of cigars and salsa

Cuba, land of cigars and salsa

Located between the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, Cuba is a typical island country, bathed in sunshine and genuine hospitality and warmth of its inhabitants.

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The turbulent history and legendary beauty made ​​from partially mystical island of Cuba. When Christopher Columbus 1492nd, went to Cuba, thrilled by her beauty said: “This is the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen!” Cuba and the archipelago state, consisting of the entire Cuban island and the surrounding rocky islands, offers a large variety of appetizers; the huge mountain, through rich agricultural regions, to the beautiful sandy beaches. Isle of Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean.

Havana Capitolino

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Cuban cities are kept extensive architectural and cultural riches which have enabled it to Havana and Trinidad obtain title Svjetkse Cultural Heritage granted by UNESCO. Different time that Cuba exudes at every step through a very preserved cities and a number of cultural events are a clear testimony of the spiritual riches of Cuba. However, despite the stunning natural beauty and contrasts of the country, Cuba is primarily a destination that offers tourists fun. Here tourists at every turn, in addition to high-quality cigars and sometimes not so good quality rum, faced with a mixture of interesting rhythms, but mainly Latin American and Spanish and African. If you do not already know that dancing salsa in Cuba will certainly learn.


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Christopher Columbus was the 1492nd year declared Cuba the Spanish possessions which Cuba became a Spanish colony. UK ranks Cuba 1762nd year, but then again returned to Spain in exchange for Florida. The Republic of Cuba in 1902. Was getting independence. Fidel Castro with his July 26th Movement 1959th took over power in Cuba after the guerrilla struggle and victory over Batistinim armed forces. From the 1961st year, Cuba is the only socialist country in the Caribbean.

Enjoying the Sun

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Tourist accommodation can be found in almost every city across the country. For those with deeper pockets, Cuba Beach Resort offers attractive destinations on the beaches, with larger and smaller facilities available, as well as a host of activities such as nautical tourism and excursions or a multitude of fun and rich night life that awaits you. All Inclusive Hotels in Varadero Beach, Cayo Largo and Cayo Coco are good choices.


For tourists who love nature suggest that you take some of the smaller, rural hotel in the heart of nature, such as those in the Vinales Valley, which is under UNESCO protection. This is a very quiet place, near the quiet and relaxing atmosphere, offers interesting excursions to the unique nature of the incredibly rich flora and fauna, where you can enjoy the beautiful rivers and unique trees.

Resort Lake Cuba

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Cuba is an attractive tourist destination that offers a wide range of activities; fishing, hiking, biking trails, tour to the Sierra Maestra mountains, roads revolutionary Fidel Castro and Che Guevaras, white sandy beaches and warm seas. Travel to Cuba is truly an unforgettable experience.

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