Copacabana Beach – Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana Beach – Rio de Janeiro


One of the most characteristic aspects of Brazilian culture of life are beaches that are widespread in almost all coastal areas. The most famous beach in Brazil, and certainly one of the most famous in the world is Copacabana beach. Copacabana is located on the eastern coast of Brazil and used the advantages of the fantastic weather conditions throughout the year, one of the reasons why millions of tourists visit this beach every year.

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Forte de Copacabana

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Copacabana beach works endlessly with its 4 km long, starting from the rescue tower Posto Dois to Posto Seis the same, known as Copacabana Promenade, paved with black and white trail designed by Roberto Burle Marx whose construction was completed in 1970. At both ends of the beach are old forts, now tourist attractions; Fort Copacabana on the south side, built in 1914th year, and Posto Seis and Fort Duque de Caxias on the north end, built back in the 1779th year. The entire length of Copacabana Promenade located attractive hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, a very well known many tourists around the world.

Beach soccer Copacabana beach at night

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Apart from Copacabana, there are two small beaches: one in Fort Copacabana and other, right behind him, Diabo beach. There is also the Arpoador beach which is a little paradise for surfers who enjoy its consistently perfect waves. This area will be one of four “Olympic Zone” during the summer Olympic games in 2016. Copacabana beach is known for being the host every year millions of revelers in the craziest night as well as by what was often a place to maintain the official FIFA World Cup in soccer volleyball.

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As one of the most visited tourist destination, Copacabana has lost a bit of time, maybe his charm and mystique that it once had and still images of the marine landscape that mixes with the city, with the dominant mountain range in the background makes this place unique visual experience for every tourist.

Copacabana Beach - Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana Beach – Rio de Janeiro  / image source

In addition it offers beautiful scenery, Copacabana for local residents and many tourists who come back to her, and represents a way of life. Throughout the day Praia de Copacabana is filled with interesting events; of collective morning yoga classes for seniors, through photo sessions known model for the cover of the magazine, training women’s volleyball team, until midnight parade of attractive “friend of the Night” that tourists can not miss. Copacabana beach is included in the offer of the city’s tourism organization is required destination if you are already in Rio. Travel to Rio certainly will not be completely if you do not visit the Copacabana beach.

Caminhada em Copa

Caminhada em Copa  / image source

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