Jacob's Well, Texas' Most Dangerous Diving Spot

Jacob’s Well, Texas’ Most Dangerous Diving Spot

Jacob’s Well

The largest underwater cave in Texas has been known to swallow people whole, it has also provided a nearly non-stop source of water for thousands of years. Jacob’s Well is an amazing sight to see, as the water from deep within the well pools out into a natural spring that runs off into Cypress Creek.

Many people visit Texas Hill Country just to see Jacob’s Well, despite the fact it has claimed a number of lives.

Known as one of the most dangerous dive spots on the planet, Jacob’s Well is truly incredible to witness.

Even if you’re no cave diver, you can still enjoy Jacob’s Well. People of all ages come with no intentions of going down into the caves below. It’s plenty of fun just to jump off of the surrounding rocks and into the clear water spewing from the well.

Jacob’s Well

As you jump in, it looks like you’re going to fall down an endless hole, as the 13-foot opening of Jacob’s well lurks beneath the water’s surface.

Jacob’s Well

If you do descend down the well, there are numerous chambers at various depths. The first chamber is located 30 feet from the top of the well, and it also continues another 55 feet down. Here it is bright, and wildlife and algae are present.

Jacob’s Well

Things change when you reach the second chamber, located 80 feet below the surface.
Jacob’s Well

Down here divers must be aware of a certain chimney that appears to be a way out of the chamber, this ‘fake’ exit has trapped and killed at least one diver. The third chamber can be reached through an opening located in the second chamber.

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