Celebrity Travel Destinations

Celebrity Travel Destinations


Mallorca, Spain

Want some culture and not just the beaches? Then visit Mallorca and try to find Michael Douglas or Catherine Zeta Jones who have a home there.

gerard-butler-shirtless-surfing-maui-05Maui, Hawaii

Want something affordable where stars might be seen (and we are not talking about the sky). Try Maui, where there is always a chance for stargazing and if not at least you get a good trip. You might find yourself bumping into Gerard Butler or Britney Spears.
Capture Bora Bora

Any place worth repeating in its name is a must see, more than once. Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone and Nicole Kidman sure fit this theory by frequenting this place.
George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler sighting in ComoLake Como, Italy

Wanting to try a new country? Then try Italy, and Lake Como in particular. Avril Lavigne, George Clooney and other stars enjoy taking a swim in these waters.
st-moritz-SwitzerlandSt. Moritz, Switzerland

Forget the beaches and head for the slopes. No better place than Switzerland. Don’t be surprised to see George Clooney enjoying the fresh powder.
ddSt. Lucia – Jade Mountain at Anse Chastnet

Perhaps you glanced at this resort in the finale of the Bachelor. The story doesn’t end there. The resort’s helipad is often used by stars like the Olsen twins, Amy Winehouse and others.
ddsDominican Republic

Wanna be a Kardashian, then go where they go. They recently shot some scenes at the Dominican Republic. If they liked it enough they will probably be going back.
ddsdfWakaya, Fiji

Want a secluded private island with a high chance of seeing Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe or Keith Richards. This would be the spot, but it will cost a pretty penny.
xghThe Hamptons, USA

With plenty of wealthy stars and celebrities owning prime real estate here, The Hamptons is the spot to be, especially during summer months. Try to spot Billy Joel, Martha Stewart, Steven Spielberg or Jerry Seinfeld.
dhhhhhTurtle Island, Fiji

If you have a heap of money burning a hole in your pocket, then this is the place. With exclusivity come celebrities. Only 28 guests are allowed on the island at a time.

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