Top 10 Most Beautiful Mediterranean Beaches

Top 10 Most Beautiful Mediterranean Beaches

Taormina, Italy

10. Taormina, Italy

Taromina is located on the east coast of Sicily. It has great boulevards and it is home to many poets and painters. This city will bring the nostalgia of the 60’s when the city first started to make its own way on the European scene.

Cassis, France

9. Cassis, France

This place was once just a small fishing village not even noticed among those glamorous places as Canes, Nice, St. Tropez, but in the 50’s it became a hideaway for wealthy Europeans. This is also a place with fantastic vineyards and this is where you can meet some aristocrats and actors.

Port Grimaud, France

8. Port Grimaud, France

This place is also called “Provencal Venice” with all those canals. This is also a home to some of the wealthiest yacht enthusiastic in the world. St. Tropez is very near this place.

Haifa, Israel

7. Haifa, Israel

Most of you would not even think of Israel when it comes to Mediterranean Sea, but Haifa is one of the best. It is located only few miles from Tel Aviv and offers a lot of a cultural experience.

Naxos, Greece

6. Naxos, Greece

Naxos got its popularity lately, and became a little bit more international. People over there are still living of the land. It has spectacular beaches and still it is pretty intact.

Positano, Italy

5. Positano, Italy

While this place doesn’t have those sandy beaches, it has something else, it has amazing views of a rocky seaside cliffs. Trust me this view covers up the lack of sand!

Murcia, Spain

4. Murcia, Spain

Murcia is not a tow it is a province in Spain. Since it is not on the touristic maps, this is the place visited mostly by art crowd. This is also a place of long, desolate, sandy beaches where most of the people are naked!

Abruzzo, Italy

3. Abruzzo, Italy

This town is not on the Mediterranean Sea, but on the Adriatic, only 50 miles east from Rome and it is home to 21 ski resorts. This place is popular in the winter as same as in the summer.

Menton, France

2. Menton, France

This is where you would like to buy some real estate, just between Monaco and Italy. This is also home to many casinos, but the employees over there speak only French and Italian.

Portofino, Italy

1. Portofino, Italy

This place is a real gem on the Mediterranean coast. This the place where everybody who’s anybody can be seen, from Brigitte Bardot in the 60’s to Berlusconi today.

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