Cheap Exotic Destinations

Cheap Exotic Destinations

For some time I’m trying to make a list of Cheap Exotic Destinations. Which you must notice is not easy. Many parameters can affect term cheap. Where are you coming from, how much do you earn, for how long you can stay, what are your expectations, etc.
There are many countries in the world where life is not expensive, but to get there, you will have to spend more than 1000$ and to cross more than 10.000 miles. So it doesn’t really matter that you can get great lunch for less than 5$, or grab a cocktail for 1$, when you have to spend a whole paycheck for flight and to loose couple of days fighting a jet leg. Many of these destinations will probably be to far away from you except if you live near (you lucky bastards 🙂 ), but if you have enough time and appropriate budget, you should pack your stuff and hit the road.



1. Thailand

Thailand is one of the rare Southeast Asian countries that has never been colonizes by Europeans. So without so much European influence, Thailand managed to preserve very authentic architecture and a way of life. Since a start of globalization, through the country you can find many things that came from the west, but the spirit of the people is still very authentic. Lead religion is Buddhism, and many citizens still follow the “old way” of living.

Bangkok as a capital with roughly around 10 million people, is one of the most important business centers of southeast Asia. City is located on delta of Chao Phraya river, so there is a countless amount of canals that runs through the city. Many people calls Bangkok, “Venice of the east”. City has 34 Buddhist temples (Wat). Most of these Wat’s are located on the river shore. So you can take a shuttle boat for 1$ and get in any Wat on the shore. The most expensive entrance fee you can pay is 12$ for Bangkok Grand Palace. Usual price is from 0 to 1.5$ for any other temple in Bangkok.

Night life in Bangkok is something that you will remember for a rest of your life. Cheap drinks, many pretty girls, all-night crowd. Street merchants who are selling bugs, worms, scorpions as a snacks. You can get a bucket of cocktail for around 5-7$. T-Shirts can be bought for less than 2$ if you are buying 10 or more, and quality is supreme.

Prices on islands are really low. You can get a decent bungalow for two with a big bed, AC and a bathroom for around 15$ per night. If you are staying longer, you can get discount. Lunch in restaurant is 5$, food on food market is less than a 1$.


2. Argentina
Argentina is 7th biggest country in the world and 2nd biggest in South America. Huffington Post declared people of Argentina as the happiest people in the world.

Argentina is not so wealthy but that doesn’t stop it’s citizens to be happy. People in general are pleasant and worm. It’s easy to make friends in Argentina. Buenos Aires as a capitol and a largest city has around 3 million people. City of tango and soccer. If you decide to take a walk through the city, it’s very easy to stumble upon a pub full of soccer fans or some domestic tavern where you can enjoy in domestic cuisine and tango.

Restaurant prices are not high, so you can take a regular meal with three courses for around 20$ and have a bottle of fine domestic for around 10$ or you can take steak dinner for one which costs 5$.

Buenos Aires have a great night life, club entrance fee is usually 2$. Drinks are not expensive, so you can have a great time for a small amount.

Outside of Buenos Aires there are many beautiful things to see. You can go far south to visit great Patagonia or to get on a road trip to wine region.

It all depends on how much time do you have and how much do you want to spend outside of city on a magical journey through one of the most beautiful countries in the South America and in the world.

Dominican Republic

3. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is one of most beautiful countries in the Caribbean sea. Country occupies two thirds of Hispaniola island, the rest of the island occupies Haiti. Dominican Republic is a second largest country in Caribbean.

Capitol of Dominican Republic is Santa Domingo with population little less than one million. Official language is Spanish, but many people in Dominican Republic are bilingual, so there shouldn’t be any problem to have conversation on English. With it’s tropical climate, you can enjoy your self in typical Caribbean cuisines, rice, tropical fruit, and seafood.

It’s not expansive to live in Dominican Republic. One room apartment in city center for a month can cost you from 250$ to 500$, depending on location and how well furnished apartment is.

If you would like to grab some quick lunch, it will cost you from 4$ to 10$, and if you are for something more serious, proper lunch or dinner for two with three cuisines will cost you from 20$ to 40$ in a nice restaurant.

When you decide to leave Santa Domingo and take a trip to seaside, you should definitely go to Bay Samaná. Many visitors keep calling this place “Heaven on Earth”. Whole seaside is full of hidden resorts and amazing beaches.

Prices of accommodation starts with 50$ per day and goes as much as you want to spend 🙂 There are a lot of excursions in this part of country, prices are from 50$-90$ per person. So if you want to explore beside of just enjoying on the beach, this should do it.

If you don’t have a problem with fixed date of vacation, you should definitely come during the winter or begging of spring, because then you can take a tour to see whales.


4. Greece

Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world. With it’s beautiful and long history, Greece can offer you various beautiful places to see, and things to do. Country with the biggest number of islands in Mediterranean sea.

Athens as the capitol with it’s almost 4 million people is the biggest city in the country.

If you are more into cities then the islands, this is a perfect place for you. Many people say that doesn’t matter for how long will you stay in Athens, you will never see everything, so plan your trip smartly. Food in Greece is typical Mediterranean, with lots of olives, cheese and sea food. Cost of quick lunch is around 20$ per person, but you are up to some fine restaurant, a lunch or dinner for two will be around 50$ to 60$. Don’t forget to check out for great Greek wines. Price of wine bottle can vary from 4$ to 50$, depending on quality and origin.

During your visit to Athens you must not miss a trip to Acropolis. One of the biggest and most famous worlds monuments. Also called “Cradle of European Civilization”. When you are in the city, it’s easy to organize a tour to Acropolis. You can grab any kind of public transportation to get there. Just check for the line that will take you there. You don’t want to find yourself on other part of the town 🙂 Entrance fee is 5€, for students from EU it’s free.

After visiting one of the most famous monuments in the world, you will probably like to go on some of the greatest Greek islands.

Greece has more than 5000 islands, so you will need to have many trips to Greece to visit them all. Some of the islands are very expensive, yet some are very cheap. Since this article is about cheap islands, I’ll try to stick to it.

If you are into day and night parties, than Corfu is the island for you. One of the favorite destinations for Brit tourists. You can find accommodation for less than 250$ for a 10 days, and to have a great time in local clubs and pubs, where you can get a half liter beer for 3$ to 5$. If you want to try some local food, almost every restaurant has great food, and lunch or dinner costs around 10$ per person.

If you are more into pretty beaches, with slow days and a great night parties, than you should definitely visit Kos. Kos is a great place for young people, as well for family people. You can get pretty cheap room, almost as same as if you decide to go to Corfu. Food is a bit more expensive, so be prepared to spend around 15$ to 20$ for decent lunch. All clubs are entry free, but the drinks are a bit buffed up, so my advice is, get some drinks in super market (it’s really cheap) 1$ for a can of beer or 3$ to 4$ for a bottle of decent wine. Then hit the club.

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