Bali is the “Island of the Gods”

Bali is the “Island of the Gods”

Fascinating Indonesian island attracts an abundance of rice, coconut palms, coffee, cocoa, with hundreds of kilometers long sandy beach, sea, seductive colors …

Bali is the Island of the Gods

Between Java to the west and Lombok to the east is the Indonesian provinces centered in Denpasar, fascinating island with an abundance of rice, coconut palms, coffee, cocoa, cotton, tobacco, peščanih beaches, seductive color of the sea and good people. Few had heard of it, and everyone would like to visit him – Bali!

The name of the island are hidden flattering descriptions like “Morning world,” “Island of the Gods” and “The last paradise on earth”. And that act of Eden helps him a great location – placed in the region of the Equator with hundreds of kilometers long sandy beach and great waves of Bali is a destination for all the hedonists, nature lovers and extreme sports. The interior of the island you will meet the sandy river with fields, river rapids, volcanic craters, caves and tropical forests in which about 280 species of birds whose song, combined with the scents of the island seems to be in Bali really feel as the island of the Gods. Bali is one of 17,508 islands that belong to the Republic of Indonesia. The majority of the population on the island make Indonesian Hindus who normally represent a minority in the state. This sociable and pleasant people, whose calendar year has only 210 days, living for ceremonies and celebrations. Dancing is always in the center of events on the island, no matter what it was – even if they were buried!

Magic beach on the south

Most beautiful and most popular tourist beaches, such as Padang Padang, located in the south of the island. But, apart from the beach, south lies the popular towns like Kute and Legijana with thunderous nightlife for tourists, then Seminjaka full of a variety of restaurants and bars designed for those with deeper pockets, surfing “valley”, Sanur for quieter evenings by the sea, a beautiful bay sunset sun and delicious seafood specialties in family restaurants, Džimbaran, and luxurious Nusa Dua The complex in which you can just walk in pretending that there occupeid. But it is not that hard! Everywhere can enjoy a local beer, Bintang, as well as lokan spirits, and those imported are extremely expensive. For wine drinkers, there is a local wine Hemets, where prices reached a bottle of good Italian wine, but unfortunately not like the taste of beverages with the famous “boots”. It is best to eat and drink in local bars, usually family, which is popularly called “varung”. Perhaps their appearance does not always promises, but because the taste and price of each recommendation.

Capital of Denpasar, the main traffic hub, with bustling tourists and locals, drastically different from the other places in Bali. And this, as is unfortunately all tourist centers in Bali is characterized by a large crowd in downtown where you can spend a few hours.



Contrary to the south, in the north of Bali there are no crowds. Tourists who have found themselves there for a long time and there are others, and Bali as their second house, fully adapting their lifestyle. It all riding bicycles or mopeds through the surreal nature of Balinese countryside and streets without sidewalks. One such place is the fishing village of Amed, with the famous beach of black sand. It is also a popular destination for divers, because it can reach the Japanese ship “Liberty”, sunken during WWII. For those who are too to enjoy over the water, they are numerous yoga studios where you can find the unity of body and soul on the beach to the sound of waves.

Nearby, there is a water palace Tirta Ganga (in translation “Holy water from the Ganga”), which represents one of the most idyllic landscapes in Bali. They make a lovely terrace with water water lilies, fountains and natural spring water, surrounded by lush gardens and stone carved statues. This complex of one hectare was built in 1946., But was almost completely destroyed by the eruption of the volcano Agung 1963rd year. With lovingly restored and restuiran still carries overtones of authentic royal magnificence.


The art colony of Ubud
Located between of rice fields and steep ravine is located in Ubud, the artistic and cultural center of Bali. Its streets are dotted with numerous galleries, art studios, a spa salons, small restaurants, souvenir markets … A variety of painters, sculptors, musicians or dancers can be seen at any time to enjoy their art while tourists choose art pieces that will best fit into their interior thousands kilometers away … The city became art colony when Valter Spies, a teacher of painting, music and dance came to town, animated by many celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin, to visit him, and brought together the best artists to learn the art and the people of Bali as ways of artistic Ubud Center. A new wave of creative energy came to the city 60-ies of the last century, with the Dutch painter Arie Smit and creating a movement of young umetnika.Tu are numerous museums, authentic vegetarian restaurants as “SOPA”, and the Monkey Forest, sacred nature reserve with about 340 monkeys are always ready to play, but also for the theft of all the things they can do interesting!


In the vicinity can be visited fruit plantations and a cup of coffee or tea every possible taste, and even Luvak coffee, which is made of mongoose droppings. The mongoose eats the Copa Balinese coffee, fermenting during digestion and thus created the famous coffee which they say celebrities separate large sums novca.I whatever to get you in Bali, lungs breathe, let the smells, tastes, colors, laughter and submit to Bali. You do not have to chase adventure, it will find you …

Over 20,000 temples found its place in Bali which its magnificent Hindu architecture, colorful relief elements and enchanting sculptures dominate the island. *

Besaki temple
Besaki temple, located on the slopes of Mount Agung, the main volcano in Bali, most meaningful is the temple of the Hindu religion on the island. “Mother Temples”, as it is also called, is actually a complex of 22 temples that lie on parallel ridges. Temple has stepped terraces and winding stairs leading to spacious courtyards and stamenih gate leading to the top of the tower. At the center of the main cemetery is in the form of a lotus throne around which the ritual focus of the entire complex. Unfortunately, a large eruption by 1963., Which killed more than 1700 people, were also threatened and Besaki temple. But the lion is only a few meters bypassed complex and Bali people considered it a miracle – a sign that the gods wish to demonstrate their power, but not to destroy the monument that are faithful Bali people raised. 1995..

* Tanah Lot
The most striking attraction of Bali is definitely Tanah Lot, a lone temple on top of rocks 100 meters from the shore, in front of whom gather many believers and pray until the sun goes down for the open sea. Temple is the only possible approach during low tide when the sea withdrew, while the period of the tide he proudly stands on his private island. Jobs are numerous weddings that are organized in this by beautiful temple.

* Uluvatu Temple
Uluvatu (“Mountaintop”) was built in the 11th century in order to protect Bali from evil spirits. It is considered one of the most spectacular temples because of its location – situated on the cliff rocks at a height of 70 m below that offers wild vastness of the sea. Every night at 18 hours here is played Kecak dance, a famous traditional dance which performed scantily dressed men. That is why the public generally and ladies are …

* Taman Ayun
Taman Ayun (“Great Garden”) is a royal temple complex dating from the 18th century. It is located on land surrounding a large pond, and acting as if I kolpeks floats on water. Within it is located and beautiful buildings of the temple with multi-layered roof typical of Balinese architecture and rich landscape the front yard.

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