The Island Republic of Mauritius is a country located about 2000 kilometers from the South East coast of Africa and 850 km east of Madagascar. Mauritius is an island of volcanic origin, surrounded by coral reefs and lagoons making it the destination of exceptional beauty.

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The City of Port Louis

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The capital of Mauritius is Port Luis. Located in the northwest of the island is also the largest city and main port of Mauritius and offers extensive tourist offer. Other major towns in the interior of the island worth visiting are Beau Bassin, Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes, Vacoas and Curepipe, as well as historically significant city of Mahebourg, in the southeast, near the main Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam airport.

Mauritius Beach

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Mauritius has a tropical climate with more precipitation in summer than in winter. The temperature in summer is quite high, from 27-37 ° C, while the temperature ranges from 22-27 ° C. With the high humidity of up to over 80% and frequent rainfall Mauritius represents Microclimate area; courts at a higher altitude are colder (around 22 ° C) and quite humid with about 5000 mm of rainfall annually, while coastal areas warmer, with around 1,000 mm of rainfall annually. The climate in summer is pleasant for tourists staying in the coastal areas, the sea temperature of 26 ° C, but stay in the interior can be quite unpleasant. The ideal time to stay in Mauritius is the winter, when fresh but dry weather and when they are particularly pleasant night, while the sea temperature remains pleasant at 23 ° C.

Deluxe Sea View

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Mild discomfort for the uninformed tourists in Mauritius may represent the fact that most of the beach owned by the hotel or privately owned. The law is clear and every beach is free to walk around. However, the beach in front of the hotel can be used for a full day of rest and swimming, as well as Of Use chairs, umbrellas and other property of the hotel. When it comes to private beaches interpretation of the law is somewhat flexible, so it is all a matter of internal arrangement with the owners, good manners and a certain respect. Therefore, we advise you to check to see if your hotel has its own beach, to avoid possible inconvenience.

Beau Rivage Hotel Mauritius

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The first generation of the hotel in Mauritius is izdrađena late 70s and 80s of the last century, when Mauritius was still not atrktivna destinations like today when every hotel in Mauritius is built on the beautiful beaches and particularly attractive locations. During the 90s Mauritius is rapidly began to develop as a tourist destination, hotels are springing up like mushrooms along the beautiful white coral beach. At first they were mostly hotels with 3 stars but eventually the tourist offer of Mauritius fully developed and today can boast of highly qualified management teams, staff and services.

Le Tousserok Hotel Mauritius

Le Tousserok Hotel Mauritius / image source

It is useful to know that although Mauritius is a tropical island, with beaches at every turn, it is recommended that the outside of the beaches, in the interior of the island is not a walk in a bathing suit and freely dressed. This is especially true for women, because the population in the interior of the island quite conservative and are not accustomed to viewing the body was discovered at daylight. Even in hotels, walking in bathing suits after sunset is simply forbidden. There is no great cause for concern when it comes to rules of dress, usually a discreet warning pleasant staff severest form of a warning that you will experience. Avoid topless sunbathing on public beaches and everything will be OK

Gemma Kayaks Maritim Hotel Mauritius

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With a rich tourist offer organized tours such as biking, horseback riding, golf, cruising, fishing, sailing, kayaking, and a host of other activities for the whole family, holidays in Mauritius should plan to have some of the next family trip.

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